Automatic Controls Company distributes products from over 25 different manufacturers. Our sales team is knowledgeable and able to provide sales and support for all of our lines.

Solenoid Valves and Pressure/Temperature Sensors

Timers, Counters, and Relays

HART Protocol Pressure and Temperature Transmitters

Sensors, Wireless Sensors, Machine Safety, Machine Vision, and Indicator Lights

Air/Gas Regulator Systems, Manifolds, and Instruments

Industrial and Specialty Diaphragms

Precision Air Regulators, Pressure Transducers, Air Relays, and Servo Pressure Controllers

Sight Glass, Process Lights, Process Cameras, Particle Sizing

Pressure and Temperature Switches

High Pressure Solenoid Valves

Temperature and Pressure Instruments, Process Control, and Valves

Burner Controls, Flame Safeguard, Integrated and Discrete Scanners

Valves, Actuators, and Controls

Motor Starters, Contactors, Circuit Breakers, Pushbuttons, and Switches

General Purpose and Specialty Solenoid Valves

Liquid Level Sensors and Control, Warrick Controls, Pressure and Flow

Burners, Blowers, and Process Heating

Proximity, Capacitive, Laser, and Pneumatic Sensors

Thermocouple, Thermowell, and RTD Products

Burners, Valves, Flame Safety, and Controls for Process Heating

High-Quality Solenoid Valves

Gauges for general, severe, and precision service for any process requirements

Butterfly Valves and Actuators

Boiler Level and Flow Controls

Digital Panel Meters, Displays, and Control Instrumentation

Remote Monitoring Technology

Proximity Sensors, Connectors, Cables, and Other Process Instruments

Motors, Distribution, Control, and VFDs