604pCCS Pressure Switches can be utilized in many industrial environments. One very common market is boilers, which require the most safe and reliable controls to prevent dangerous situations.

If you are looking for a simple and repeatable pressure switch with low drift and long life, look no further. We offer various pressure switches for the following applications:

  • Water Pressure (high, low, or operating pressure)
  • Steam Pressure (high, low, or operating pressure)
  • Natural Gas Pressure (high or low pressure)
  • Oil Pressure (high or low pressure)
  • Biogas Pressure (high or low pressure)
  • Water, Oil, Gas Flow utilizing a Differential Pressure Switch

For turn-key installations, we offer set-point calibration! For more detailed information on the models, options, and specifications for CCS Pressure Switches, click here to visit our product page.

We stock a large inventory of standard switches in our Norcross, Georgia warehouse. For inquiries please refer to our contact page, or contact us toll-free at 1-800-532-7837.

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